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Lake Texoma November 2024

November 13-17, 2024
Lake Texoma, Texas

Prothro Retreat Center

$695 per person
Includes room and meals
Unleash Your Creative Power and Connect with Like-Minded Artists

Join me for a life-changing Spiritual Artist Retreat at the scenic Prothro Retreat Center on Lake Texoma, just a short drive from downtown Dallas. This exclusive 4-day retreat is designed for artists of all disciplines who crave a deeper understanding of their Creative DNA and a stronger sense of community with fellow creatives.

Through a transformative blend of artmaking and mindfulness exercises, you will discover a whole new level of inspiration and purpose in your work. Guided by Christopher Miller, artist, and author of The Spiritual Artist, you’ll delve into mindfulness training, journaling, and painting, all aimed at unlocking your creative potential and freeing you from limiting beliefs.

A $150 deposit is required to hold your space. The remaining fee is due on October 15, 2024.

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Use Asemic Writing to Create Abstract Compositions

BONUS! CJ will introduce the concepts and principles of Asemic writing/drawing. Learn to reveal your Creative DNA and use this technique to rediscover authentic marks and texture to build fresh abstract compositions. CJ uses Asemic repetitions, Asemic Group painting, Kinesthetic movement exercises, and more. Watch his podcast, "How to be a Unique Artist by Using Asemic Writing," by clicking here.


Learn How to Custom-Dye Tissue By Crystal Nelson

BONUS! Our November 2024 Retreat includes a special tutorial on dying tissue with unique colors to bring harmony to your collage work. Crystal Nelson has more than 20 years of experience teaching innovative art techniques. Watch her recent podcast, "7 Ways to Start An Abstract," by clicking here.


Discover Golden Open Paints with Melanie Brannan!

BONUS! Our November 2024 Retreat includes a special introduction to Golden’s OPEN paints by Artist and Educator for Golden Artist Colors Melanie Brannan! Working with a sgraffito technique, you will see how this slow-drying acrylic paint will introduce new techniques to your work. We will also work with Golden's Interference, Iridescent, and Fluorescent paints too. 


Photos from April Retreat

Zowza. April's retreat was so much fun: from Trust Walks to Asemic Repetition Exercises to a Kinetic Movement Group Painting, there was so much to do.

"What an incredible experience these last four days were. You're an amazing teacher and coach, even for those of us who seem to resist getting out of their "ease" stage.  I was amazed at how my husband responded to your teaching!  Driving home, we talked about the breakthroughs we both had–life changing!  I knew I liked you before, but fell in love with your gentle, sweet Soul more every day."

Kathrine Reyna

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