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The Emotional RollerCoaster

The "Emotional RollerCoaster" exhibition ran from August 30 through September 23, 2023. Participants enjoyed an immersive experience of art and music at the Charles W. Eisemann Center in Richardson, Texas just north of downtown Dallas. The show is currently seeking new venues for display. If you have a potential area of display or questions about what is required for the show, please call CJ Miller at 214.395.8002.

BREAKING NEWS! The "Emotional RollerCoaster" has moved to the Lewisville Grand Theater April 20- May 25, 2024! The exhibit is open to the public and free. Plan a day excursion to see this exhibit as well as many others in this incredible space!
Remember to bring your earpods and have Spotify downloaded on your phone.

CJ Miller's Emotional RollerCoaster

Emotions.  We can’t live with them, but we can’t live without them.  Am I right?  Each day, every moment brings a roller coaster ride of thrilling ascents and sharp curves.  My goal with this exhibit was to create a living experience for the viewer—one in which art and music combine to create an immersive emotional journey.  Emotions, fluid and usually temporary, are part of the human experience, meant to be felt, but not always acted upon.  Each painting evolved while listening to a specific heartfelt song.  Can you see the passion in each stroke? Does an image created in delight communicate that sentiment through texture, color, and composition?  Can you feel what I feel?  Are we connected through sensation?  Life is a rollercoaster ride of feelings, from happy to sad, melancholy to hopeful, and anger to reverence.  When you leave this exhibit, notice how your feelings transform with each step forward.  Remember, you are not your emotions.  You’re the quiet, still space watching yourself experience those sensations.  

As seen on NBC Texas Today with Kristin Dickerson.

Artist CJ Miller explains the concept behind the immersive experience.


As seen in fyi50+ magazine.

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