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Practice Guides

Practice makes perfect. Below are downloadable worksheets referenced in specific podcast episodes. Download and share. There is no one way to creative expansion; feel free to keep what you like and release any steps that don't align with you.

Episode 34

Wilene Dunn Explains How to Craft a Power Statement that Changes Your Life

Use this practice guide to create your own Power Statement. 

Episode 61

Walking a Sacred Path: Dorayne Breedlove Shares Her Labyrinth Process

Use this practice guide to prepare for your walk.

Episode 64

How to Build a New Belief and Change Your Life

Use this practice guide to change ONE thing in your life.

Episode 72

How do Emotions Hold Us Back from Creativity?

Download Dr. Jayne Gardner's Emotional Set Point Chart


Watching Your Thoughts Worksheet

Download supply list and parking lot.

Episode 75

Morning Altar Worksheet

Claire Takahashi Gets You Started

Episode 79

Picture This: How Pictures Work 12 Principles Sheet

Episode 91

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

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