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Build Art Sales With a Gratitude Campaign

Many of you know me as an artist and spiritual coach, but you might not know I've spent 25 years running my advertising agency. My specialty was meeting with my clients, having good conversations, and outlining a business strategy.

One of my favorite recommended marketing campaigns is based on a Spiritual Principle. I call this marketing campaign a Gratitude Campaign. It's based on the principle of gratitude. When we send out gratitude, we activate the Law of Circulation. The Law of Circulation states that what we send into the world is returned to us in kind.

I love starting the new year with a Gratitude Campaign, and I thought I'd share the concept with you. I sit down and reflect on all the friends, family, and clients who have made my art business explode this year. I make a list (and yes, I check it twice.) Upon completion, I send a well-thought-out letter to each of them expressing my gratitude. This year, I decided to print some greeting cards with my art and send a set of 8 cards to these exceptional people. I took the time to feel the energy of gratitude flow through me as I wrote each custom letter.

Printing the cards was about $200, then another $75 for mailing supplies and another $100 for postage. This may be beyond a tight budget, but be creative! It's the thought that counts. A gratitude campaign can be as simple as a heartfelt letter. The point is not the cost of the campaign but the real expression of gratitude. Above are some pictures of my recent campaign, but feel free to personalize your mailing. Some cost-crunching creative ideas include mailing in a tube, putting a small card in the letter, or hand-delivering your gift. 

Below are my sources for this campaign, but there are plenty of other source options: 

Try this great Gratitude Campaign Spiritual Practice as you start the new year. Remember to sign up for this blog to receive more inspirational ideas.

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