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Does Consciousness Affect Creativity? My Solo Show will tell.

Well, I did it. I was accepted by The Forrest and Virginia Green Mezzanine Gallery of the Eisemann Center in Richardson for a solo show in September. I'm thrilled that they accepted my concept because I decided to test a premise of mine. Yes, I speak out consciousness and spiritual enlightenment, but is it true? Does vibration affect our creative work? Does consciousness affect creativity? You will be part of my exploration.

I'll display eight large new paintings, each paired with a powerful song. You'll access a Spotify playlist and listen to the music while viewing the work. Does the emotional feeling of the song express in the finished painting? Do lyrics and music change the line, stroke, and choice of color? You get to decide.

My solo show is scheduled for the entire month of September with the opening being held on Sunday, September 10.

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