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Start With Your Heart

How do you approach your creativity? As I continue to work on my Solo Show titled “Emotion,” this September I continue to learn about myself and my process. How do we create authentic work that communicates our emotional and spiritual state?

I am not sure I can answer this question, but I do know one thing. I have learned to lead with my heart. It is through our hearts that our emotional expression flows. It is that free-wielding part of us when we stand with a brush in hand and pour out our consciousness in the state of flow. Our heart is best demonstrated at the beginning of our work. It is a place of no-mind where Spirit flows through us as us. When we work from our heart, we expand our previous boundaries, and we open doors to new levels of expression. You may have heard the expression, “lead from the heart” and now I understand it.

My goal with my show is to demonstrate emotion in each painting. I have realized that the best way to do this is by working on my heart level. When you enter your studio today, I encourage you to paint from your heart. Passionately commit to 45 minutes of uninterrupted time. To stay with your commitment, consider setting a timer on your phone or watch. This will stop you from shortcutting the process.

Then, do your usual preparation; whether that is a short meditation, listening to a song, or simply sitting in the stillness. Fully connect with that space within before picking up your brush. When we start with the heart, we fully feel our connection to ourselves and all that is. I’ve been doing this by listening to a song that moves me.

I challenge you to avoid your thoughts. Do not let your judgments, fears, and thoughts of the past or future enter your mind. Stay in the heart. Feel the emotion flow and express it through the paint, the stroke, and the color. It is in this place of no mind that we are most closely our full selves.

I’m not saying that we only create from our hearts. We are more than our feelings. Part of the process includes our discerning mind and our instinctual gut but for now, experience the heart. (I may even be inspired to write new book regarding the heart, mind, and gut in creativity but more on that later!)

After you complete this exercise, step back and put down your brush. Stop, breathe, and recenter. Now, welcome your mind to the process. Your mind includes your artistic training, your learned tools, and even your judgment. Now, you are at a choice as to which tools you employ as you continue on your creative journey. You may pick up a trusted process or expand into something new.

If you have been following my podcast, you will notice that I have been engaged with the intelligence of mind, heart, and gut. I recommend listening to my podcast interview with International Coach and Senior Trainer Ann McMaster. Click here.

How do these three unique aspects of ourselves express in our work? I’ll be honest. At this point, I am only beginning to understand the message of our hearts, mind, and gut. But as Spiritual Beings in human bodies, we are all three.

Let me know where your heart takes you. Use the comment section to share your experience with this exercise. And remember, you are a Spiritual Artist!

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