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The Rule of One: we post, protest, and vote, but some things don't seem to change

Let me tell you about the Rule of One. My husband introduced this term to me, and I was reminded of it today.

As I started navigating my spiritual artist vision, I spent countless hours recording podcasts, speaking to groups, and producing art shows. After my solo show in 2023, as I took down my paintings and stacked them against the wall, I couldn't help but be a little blue. I thought to myself, does what I do make a difference? Does anything really matter? What can one person really do?

This feeling is something we experience, whether hard at work in the office, workplace, or practicing art. There's always that moment when the lights go down, the art is removed from the walls, the buzz disappears, and we question our efforts.

My husband is often my support system. After spending years in the acting business, running show after show, he often experienced the same feeling. There is always a bit of a letdown, he said, when the show ends.


When I was struggling with this feeling after my solo show, he reminded me of "The Rule of One." The definition of this rule is quite simple: Ask yourself, "Did my efforts reach one person?" Did I connect with one person and change how they feel about themselves and their world? Often, our efforts are measured in small steps, but that one person we reach can then touch so many others.

There used to be an old shampoo commercial. It began with one person saying how much she loved the shampoo. If she told two friends, and if they told two friends, and if they told two friends, the reach was exponential.


This is the basis for the Rule of One. Our efforts multiply. I thought back about my show and realized I had received several endearing emails about how people were changed through my art experience. More recently, I had a show in Lewisville, Texas, and I wonder if many people took the time to listen to the music and view the art. But I did receive that one incredible e-mail. A woman took the time to find me and tell me how much my painting, "Ave Maria," had moved her. You see, her mother had died three months ago, and the song and the art created a space for her to feel the feelings of the loss.

Today, I released a new podcast about empaths. The brave artist I interviewed questioned her decision to step out into the world with her message. Finally, I got to tell her about the Rule of One. If one person hears this podcast and relates it to her experience as an empath, it will move and change their life. And when that one person tells two people? And those two people tell two people? The consciousness of the world shifts.


Many of us feel that our efforts go unnoticed. We post, protest, and vote, but some things don't seem to change. But I ask you to consider the Rule of one. It's a spiritual law. A spiritual law changes the spiritual space before physical manifestation, and when we shift the consciousness of others, it is a spiritual action—a cause with many effects.  

We, each of us, can send out the consciousness of love, sharing, and empathy. And change the world.


So, as you finish reading this. Consider what you may have been holding back on. What part of yourself have you been unwilling or afraid to share? It's time to practice the Rule of One.  


PS Listen to my recent podcast with Kim by clicking here. It may change your life.  

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