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Follow Your True Nature

I was heartbroken when the beautiful 25-foot black pine planted in my front yard suddenly browned and died in the middle of August. When shopping for my home, one of the first features that drew me to this address was this hearty dark green pine. There aren’t many pine trees in Dallas and there’s a reason for that. After the entire tree turned brown within three weeks, I confronted my arborist. His response was, “Those pine trees always die when they get large enough to start producing cones. They just can’t take our heat.” In November, I had the brittle tree removed and discovered a small American Elm growing in its footprint. You don’t see American Elms in the nursery trade in Dallas. They’ve been deemed unfit due to Dutch Elm Disease, but the disease hasn’t been aggressive in Texas. No one is sure why the tree does better in Texas perhaps that same heat restrains the Dutch Elm Beetle?

Rather than replace the tree with an introduced species, I decided to let this unappreciated tree remain. Why not go with the flow of nature? These trees are native to Texas and have been growing in the creek that lines the back of my property for years. Perhaps nature knows best? I contemplated the lesson in this experience. How often do we go against our own nature? How do we force a solution that isn’t in alignment with our true selves? What if we greeted our unique personality with open arms and simply let nature reveal who we are? As a Spiritual Artist, I consciously pay attention to what comes naturally to me and rather than strain to be someone else, welcome my true self with open arms. Regardless of whether this particular tree prospers or falls prey to an introduced disease, I have decided to let nature take its course.

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