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Listen and Learn: Trust Your Heart

Do you know what I love about art shows? Listening. I had my yearly Booze and Buy Art Show this past Saturday, and I loved seeing the reactions of my guests. I created this 24" x 24" brightly colored painting several months ago. It's an interesting merging of two styles, my bold and my gaussian series. I was very hesitant to put it on display. But at last minute, I thought, "What the heck" and put it on a shelf.

At least 3 different couples vied for it, and it left to a good home. The lesson here is NOT to paint toward the desires of others. I always believe that a Spiritual Artist looks within and paints freely from their heart. The lesson here is to trust that heart. Sometimes what we create takes adjustment. It may surprise us. At first, we stand back and question our own flow. Is this okay? It's not like anything else? What if people laugh?

Well, what if they do laugh? Who cares? As I focus on today's painting for my solo show I will remember this lesson. When we trust our internal guidance system, great surprises await us. Are you trusting your heart?

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