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Music is Spiritual

I'm a Spiritual Artist. By that, I mean to say that I work on the Spiritual level; a level that is not material or bound by physical borders. Music is Spiritual. You can't touch it, or sit next to it, but you do feel it. Sound vibrations are one of the closest things to Spirit that we recognize as a society. That's why I decided to use music in this series of paintings. I decided that I would listen to a particular song (and only one song) on each painting.

But how do I choose which song to use? During the first few weeks of this journey I began listening to every song I was ever drawn to. I listened to music from the 70's to recent releases. But what was I listening for? I decided it was a sense of emotion and feeling evoked by the notes or the lyrics. I started paying attention to the lyrics. What do they say? Do lyrics matter if the beat and harmony is strong? I realized that there are many songs that represent a very emotional time of life for me. I remembered Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," a song that I listened to when being rejected by my group of friends in high school. To this day, it remains a powerful song for me. But what songs should I pick and should I consciously choose them, or let them choose me?

It's an interesting hypothesis, isn't it? How does music change us on a Spiritual level?

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