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Planning Gets in the Way of Being

Planning can get in the way of being. Remember this as you paint today. This thought came to me this morning as I walked past painting number seven in my studio. I started this canvas two weeks ago, and after a glorious start, it leaned against my wall, awaiting my return. As I progress in this project, I struggle between planning and letting creativity flow. Rather than let a song inform me as I paint, a part of me tries to plan the composition before I start painting! What style should I use? What color palette? Will this match the other panels in the show? These wasted conversations come from a perceived future that hasn't and may never occur. Planning is detrimental to learning to be present and painting from a flow state. If I make decisions before standing in front of the easel, I am limiting the possibilities. I must be ready to stand "in the gap" and let Spirit drive me. I know this is how to co-create with a Greater Power.

I remembered today to let intuition and impulse guide me. Walking past painting number seven, I suddenly heard a voice suggesting a particular tool and technique to move ahead! I stopped, listened, and took up the brush. Voila. It was the perfect next step. Whether the reaction remains in the final product or reveals itself through wisps and cracks in a final composition doesn't matter. It was the perfect next move. As you paint today, practice presence. True presence. Don't plan. Don't tell the work what it needs to be. Let the work and spiritual connection lead you through the creative process and manifest something beautiful.

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