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Use Ritual in Your Creative Practice

Let’s talk about the importance of ritual as a Spiritual Artist. On my last night visiting Santa Fe, walking home from the plaza, we approached St. Francis Cathedral. I was immediately drawn to the exquisite stained-glass windows and the meditative sounds of the choir from within. Although I’m no longer a practicing Catholic, I remember the impressive ceremony associated with their weekly service. We tentatively entered the vestibule and watched the proceeding service. The interior design was just as breathtaking as the outside of the building. I saw meticulously detailed stained glass above the altar and intricately painted Stations of the Cross down both side walls. Awe and reverence emotionally swelled up within me.

Rituals are associated with every religious faith and for good reason. They soothe us on a physical and emotional level. The beautiful notes of this choir reached beyond my mind and resonated throughout my body. I felt tears well up in my eyes and felt a reverence for the present moment. The experience grounded me in the now.

As conscious creators, we have the choice to keep the rituals of our youth, create our own, or use both. We are most empowered when we recognize how ceremony affects us in life and make conscious choices toward those that serve us best.

If you have not attached any ritual to your creative process, I highly recommend it. We can use ritual to shift our emotional state and enter the state of a Spiritual Artist. When you first enter your art studio, create a series of actions to ground yourself and enter the state of creative flow. Consider lighting a candle, creating a small altar of significant items, listening to a certain song, or sitting in silence before you pick up the brush. A ritual can be as simple as straightening your workstation before you begin.

For more information, check out my podcast interview with Metal Leaf Oil Artist Michelle Sakhai. Michelle talks about her childhood in Japan and its influence on her creativity ceremony.

Throughout the week, notice the rituals that you have incorporated into your life and ask yourself, “Are they serving my higher good?”

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