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We Are Always At Choice

Last night I had a pretty good painting session. I consider "good" not by the final outcome but by the ability to hold my conscious state in that playful dance for as long as possible. I admit this solo show is a bit daunting, but I convinced myself to move ahead and release judgment and criticism. How did I do this? I gave myself an out. If I don't have the confidence to put this art on display, I can always put together a group show. I have enough artist friends to make that happen, and it gives me some breathing space. I can move ahead knowing that I have choices.

It's good to know that we are ALWAYS at choice. We can leave the party. Walk away from the job. Move on to another relationship. Paint over a bad start. When we remember this truth, it allows us to stay present and stop visualizing a future that may never occur. We can't predict what will happen, but we can be present to the MOMENT.

I love when I find one area on a painting that is working. I focus on that. Focus on what is working. Can I stretch it out and transfer that experience on the rest of the canvas? This photo shows a small area of last night's work that pleases me.

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